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Install pyDash

1. Installation By default the install will be done using the Apache webserver. Fedora & Pidora Run: sudo yum -y install git python-pip httpd mod_wsgi Centos Centos 6 Run: sudo yum -y install sudo yum -y install git python-pip httpd mod_wsgi Centos 5 Run: sudo yum -y install sudo yum -y install git

Install Nginx on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

Nginx is a popular lightweight server for those who do not need the bulk and extra services that Apache may offer. This article will look at installing Nginx on a CentOS using the ‘yum’ package manager. Install Nginx: To install Nginx using yum we need to include the Nginx repository, install the Nginx repository. rpm

How to install vnc on centos 6

VNC server VNC is used to display X windows sessions on remote computers.In this tutorial, we can learn how to setup VNC server on centos 6. Desktop environment is required in order to enable VNC server on centos. Install VNC on Centos 6 Before installing VNC server, make sure you have installed any Desktop environment.Step

Install ntopng on Centos 7

This is how to compile ntopng in a fresh centos 7 x64 installation For the impatient: # yum install -y subversion autoconf automake make gcc  libpcap-devel libxml2-devel sqlite-devel libtool glib2-devel  gcc-c++$ svn co$ ./ $ ./configure$ make$ ./ntopng --helpntopng x86_64 v.1.1.4 (r7865) - (C) 1998-14<snip> Step by step description Pull the source code

Centralized Logs Management with Logtash, ElasticSearch, and Redis

Deploying a Centralized Logs Management System seems very easy these days with such these great tools:+ Logtash: collect logs, index logs, process logs, and ship logs+ Redis: receive logs from logs shippers+ ElasticSearch: store logs+ Kibana: web interface with graphs, tables…We will implement the logs management system as the following architecture: (based on this article: In  this tutorial, I only deploy one