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Hướng dẫn cài Redmine

Redmine là phần mềm nguồn mở hữu ích cho việc quản trị dự án. Redmine có các chức năng: Lập kế hoạch (schedule, estimated effort, assign) Nhập actual effort, tiến độ công việc Tùy biến một số các report để quản lý và theo dõi tiến độ công việc, tạo các reminder để nhắc nhở

Manage KVM (QEMU) with Kimchi (web interface)

Kimchi is a HTML5 based web interface for KVM. It is provides easy and flexible interface to create and manage a guest virtual machines. Kimchi is installed and runs as a daemon on the KVM host. It manages KVM guests with the help of libvirt. Kimchi interface supports all latest version of the browsers with

Register clients with SpaceWalk Server

Spacewalk This is the third part of Spacewalk installation and configuration series. In the first two parts, we gone through how to install and configure Spacewalk server and managing Spacewalk channels and repositories. Install And Configure Spacewalk In CentOS 7 Managing Spacewalk Channels And Repositories In this tutorial, we will configure clients to take installation

How to install SpaceWalk on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

Install Spacewalk Spacewalk is an open source package and system management solution for RedHat derivative distributions like CentOS, Scientific Linux and Fedora, developed by the spacewalk community. Spacewalk is the upstream project for the source of ​Red Hat Satellite, It is released under GPLv2 license. Spacewalk provides the web interface to manage and view the

Install ONLYOFFICE – Open-Source Web Based Office Suite

ONLYOFFICE is a free,multifunctional, web-based office suite that enables you to store and co-edit documents, manage projects, view email and customer relations at one place. It is developed for small and mid-size companies for an effective platform for business operations. ONLYOFFICE is current available in 21 languages, comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and

Centralized Logs Management with Logtash, ElasticSearch, and Redis

Deploying a Centralized Logs Management System seems very easy these days with such these great tools:+ Logtash: collect logs, index logs, process logs, and ship logs+ Redis: receive logs from logs shippers+ ElasticSearch: store logs+ Kibana: web interface with graphs, tables…We will implement the logs management system as the following architecture: (based on this article: In  this tutorial, I only deploy one